Once upon a time, I was a little girl with one aim

To make all my ending words sound the same

So in my book, I wrote lyrics and hooks

I’ve written a lot if you wanna take a look

My greatest ups and downs, all my lessons learned

Has crafted a story with each page that’s turned

Some people write bios for a story they tell

about themselves, so you get to know them well

Bios are a peek into the heart of the soul

that takes you on a journey as a story is told

Thought I’d be a little different so that you can see

Just some of my rhyming capabilities

As a songwriter and spoken word poet

I had the gift young but fully didn’t know it

And as the years passed I spoke in rhymes

About ninety-nine-percent of the time

And I could make Doctor Seuss’s books shine

So I’m changing my name to Mrs. “Nurse”ry Rhymes

Cause every doctor has a nurse

And every rhyme has a verse

Spoken from my mouth first

And it’s seldom rehearsed

I write theme songs and catchy jingles, too

I can put the Pringles in a can, can you?

I’ve written raps and poems and short stories, too

Ohhh, the many things I could write for you!

I’ve been on the radio once or twice

But being heard more often is twice as nice

So, nooo boring information about where I was born

I choose to use my rhyming hues to toot my own horn

And just one more note to give my listener’s some insight

This bio only took me 10 minutes to write